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      Things looking a little different around here?

      In our mission to create the best load carrying equipment in the world, we’ve set out to achieve the best fitting, most comfortable pack harnessing systems possible. Over the last few years, we’ve spent countless hours measuring and fitting hundreds of different body types and logging the results to better understand how our customised fit interfaces with all different body types. The result has been a new sizing configuration that fits just about every human out there and unifies MYSTERY RANCH pack sizing across the board.

      Frequently-Asked Questions

      Does the volume of the bag change when purchasing different size packs of the same style?

      No, the volume of the bag does not change. The only feature of the pack that can change between different sizes is the yoke and the waist belt.

      I am between sizes on the size chart. Should I size up or size down?

      We recommend sizing down if you are between sizes. It is very important that the waist belt is able to securely tighten around your hips. If your waist belt is too big you will have a hard time getting the weight in your pack to transfer from your shoulders to your hips.

      Does the sizing take into consideration that I may be wearing extra layers?

      Yes, the size range that we list on our size chart is not the minimum or maximum adjustment for the yoke and waist belt. There is a little extra adjustment available to accommodate additional layers.

      The Design Behind the Fitting

      6 Points of Measurement

      Belts - S, M, L, XL, XXL

      With the research collected from the Hip-to-Hip and Waist Circumference, we created a belt sizing line that quickly allows consumers to get into a belt size that will ensure they can adjust the belt to fit for their specific waist size.

      Data Results

      To create the best backpack fit possible, we measure hundreds of users across multiple sizes to map out the linear and non-linear variables that affect backpack fit. After careful analysis of the data, we translated the results into a nuanced size curve that allows us to fit virtually any body type.

      Yokes - S/M & L/XL

      With the research collected from the Shoulder Width, Neck Width, Torso Length, and Shoulder Length, we refined our yoke shape and sizes to comfortably adjust to each consumer's body type.